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My CCIE Journey

Back in 2007, I started this blog to chronicle my CCIE studies. What follows below is a list of all those posts plus a few more recent ones I filed under the “CCIE” category. Admittedly, some of the article titles are obscure, and I’ll be re-writing them over time so that you’ve got a better idea of what’s in there. But that’s going to take a while.

In the meantime, know that “OECG” = the Cisco Press CCIE Official Exam Certification Guide for Routing & Switching, 350-001, which I believe was the 3rd edition at that time. “NMC” = NetMasterClass, whose “DoIT” set of CCIE practice labs I bought. “INE” = InternetworkExpert, another training company whose practice labs I spent a great deal of time with.

Remember that my CCIE study era goes back to 2007-2008. Things have changed in the CCIE tracks since then. So, there’s still good information here, but there’s also going to be some posts on topics that are no longer part of the Cisco blueprints, as well as new blueprint topics that I did not have to cover at the time.

Even if you find the information dated, you can still get a sense of how I prepared for the CCIE exams. I studied intensely. I attempted to understand everything I was reading in the book(s) and practicing in the lab thoroughly. The way I did that was by making sure I could explain what I thought I understood to a blog reader. If I could explain it, I probably understood it. If I couldn’t, then I studied more until I could.

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