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These are the most prolific over the past eight years of CCIE Flyer history.  There will be new faces added from time to time and you might find yourself here if you are a blogger with the right things to say, inspire, or improve the CCIE community with.  To you and all who are making the technology we love a vehicle for change in the world; THANK YOU!

Eman Conde

CCIE Agent Vicom Staffing


With a long history of caring for CCIE careers and growth Eman remains the only recruiter to-date with the distinction of being the ONLY Cisco authorized CCIE recruiter promoted globally by the Worldwide Channels of Cisco Systems. Even though the Cisco Talent Initiatives have passed, Eman remains what he was beofer these efforts, a staunch support of CCIE's careers. New responsibilities include the building of a robust staffing practice for NFF in Washington, D.C.


Terry SLattery

CCIE #1026


Cisco began the CCIE program back in 1993 as a way to single out those professionals who had the ability to support their solutions. Originally there was only the CCIE certification and it was earned by taking a written exam and then a two day lab in San Jose.  The original proctor Stuart Biggs was awarded the second CCIE number, #1025 after the first number was awarded to the room the lab was held in, in San Jose.  So #1024 is part of a plaque which was moved from the original lab to a newer lab in the same campus.  The first CCIE was Terry Slattery #1026 an ambitious and energetic network engineer who was at the time working with a team to develop the CLI (command line interface) used to configure or program routers.

Jeremy Filliben

CCIE #3851


Jeremy Filliben is a 16-year CCIE (Routing/Switching #3851) and a CCDE-certified network architect. Jeremy was a member of the CCDE beta program and passed practical exam in 2009. Jeremy has trained ten of the roughly 62 individuals who have passed the CCDE practical exam since 2010 (more than all other training organizations combined). More information on Jeremy's CCDE training offerings can be found at

Tom Hollingsworth. I’ve spent 12 years in the Information Technology industry working with enterprise networking and wireless, server virtualization, and unified communications. A large part of my career was spent in the K-12 education market, so I look at many things from the perspective of education IT.

I am CCIE #29213, as well as holding a variety of certifications from Novell, Microsoft, VMware, and ISC2.

I am currently an organizer on the Tech Field Day event series, focusing on networking and wireless events. I help enhance interactions between social media influencers and members of the greater IT community.

Peter Revill

3X CCIE (R&S, Voice, and Data Center)


Peter is a prolific evangelist for all things in networking that tickle his fancy. A triple CCIE with that capital “E” for expert emblazoned upon him like a branding iron had visited his hide. His blogs are well written and his hands-on insight valuable to the networking community. I like to use him as an example of my recruiting work for the Cisco Channels. Peter left his home in Australia for the wilds of New York City to join one of my oldest clients.

Anthony Sequeira CCIE #15626 began his IT career in 1994 with IBM in Tampa, Florida. He quickly formed his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, and then discovered his true passion—teaching and writing about Microsoft and Cisco technologies. Anthony has lectured to massive audiences around the world while working for Mastering Computers. Anthony has never been happier in his career than he is now as a trainer for CBT Nuggets. (Pictured here front and center grinning as usual)

Ethan Banks CCIE #20655

Ethan Banks is a 20+ year IT veteran with hands-on experience as a network architect in enterprise data centers & WANs. CCIE also the co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC where he acts as a writer, analyst, and podcaster creating technical content for IT practitioners. You can hear him with various co-hosts at Packet Pushers, read his articles all over the web, or see him at Interop where he is a co-chair for the Infrastructure track.

Robb Boyd is the host, writer and producer for Cisco’s globally distributed communication vehicle, TechWiseTV. Robb began his Cisco career in field sales working directly with customers. He became a product specialist for network security and assisted with sales and the channel organization.


Robb’s reputation for simplifying technical concepts and making them accessible to a broader audience soon lead him to become one of the original creators of TechWiseTV in 2006. Now recognized as the most valuable storytelling platform in Cisco history. TechWiseTV and its related programs have expanded into more than 50 global markets earning over 25 industry awards in multiple categories including 2 Emmy Nominations.

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Collaboration and R/S) #7945, has Cisco experience dating back to 1989. During that time, Kevin has been a network design specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, Cisco instructor for Skillsoft, and network manager for Eastern Kentucky University. Currently, Kevin runs his own network training company (Kevin Wallace Training, LLC), where he writes books and creates video training courses for Cisco Press.
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