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  Inspire Awe, Be a Mentor, Keep the Dream Alive!


Nothing in any sector of Information Technology has impacted the world as much as Networking. As a network professional you have the chance to keep change a constant and to change lives as a mentor. You can make the next generation better and dreaming larger, just make a commitment to yourself and to those behind you!

My friend Narbik owner of Micronics Training making OSPF area types simple!

Olá Todos,
“Qual Cerificação Cisco/TI eu deveria estudar?” Esta é a pergunta que eu mais tenho escutado nos últimos meses... Vários amigos de Linkedin, Facebook e pessoas que eu conheci em cursos ou que eu tenha trabalhado me perguntam isso...
Eles querem saber qual é a melhor para investir seu dinheiro, tempo e estudos.
Primeiro, a questão mais importante é: O que realmente você gosta de fazer?
Atualmente, cerificações em Cloud, Storage, Data Center ou Virtualização estão em alta, mas se você não gosta disso, certamente você não será tão bom quanto poderia ser em outras áreas. Antes de tudo: Estude e trabalhe no que você gosta de fazer, e você nunca terá que trabalhar! Isto é um velho ditado no Brasil. Quero dizer: Se você escolhe algo que você gosta de fazer, o fará feliz... Tudo irá funcionar bem. Você estará feliz tentando solucionar um problema no sábado à noite ou em uma manhã ensolarada de domingo, por exemplo... Sim... Porque isso irá acontecer...
Não esqueça: Alguma experiência na área em que você trabalha lhe ajudará a conseguir um melhor salário também.
Se você estiver trabalhando em uma área, e deseja uma certificação em uma tecnologia diferente, tente trabalhar nisto primeiro na sua empresa. O pessoal responsável pela gerência e Recursos Humanos, gostará ainda mais de lhe ajudar nisso. Fale com eles! Mostre-lhes que você está interessado em aprender mais e mais. De antemão, você pode encontrar uma maneira de adquirir alguma experiência e talvez um curso patrocinado pela sua empresa.
Abaixo, você encontrará algumas áreas em TI que podem incrementar na sua carreira e que estão em demanda:

Cloud, Virtualização;
Data Center;

Então, vamos estudar e boa sorte!

Soraya Nascimento.

About My Friend Yoshi

Yoshi is the world’s first 8xCCIE plus CCDE!  He is a very industrious young man who is also managing his own company, called Root Riff Systems, Inc.

Root Riff is the one of the most skilled and knowledgeable solution provider in Japan, providing services such as Japan Market Startup Support for IT companies that would like to jump into Japan market.  They also provide consulting, integration and training services related any IT infrastructure technologies.

A few questions answered:


Why so many certs?

Every time I meet the people, I got the same question.


“Why you got so many CCIEs? Does it mean anything?”


I always answer like “Of course, it proved that right now, because you are interested in me and I got a new friend!”


Yes, many CCIE certs are really great tool to get know many people in this industry! This is the most important thing for me.

Actually, I wanted to be a musician, a rock star! I love Classic Rock, Soul, R&B like James Brown, The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, Otis Redding and so on….

So just like many artists do, I would like to entertain the people! I know this is not the famous thing for whole world, but at least in this industry, everyone could be interested in the guy who holds many CCIE certs and get surprised with this!


Journey to 8xCCIE


I never imagined to hold 8 CCIEs when I got 1st one. First CCIE for me is Routing and Switching, I passed in 2005.

But some great engineers around me were studying for multiple CCIE during I was studying R&S, so they inspired me a lot to move forward toward multiple CCIEs!!


Of course, to get multiple CCIEs, it costs a lot not only money but also time. So when try to get CCIE, cost and time management are very important.

Regarding cost, for the lab not opened in Japan, it includes travel expense + lab fee = $2.5 - $3K!


My 2nd CCIE was Voice, the most difficult CCIE track I’ve ever taken! I didn’t have any hands on experience when I took 1st attempt, then I failed so badly in San Jose.

I took 2nd attempt in Brussel, 3rd and 4th in Sydney. So I was watching my money were gone so fast… but after I became 2nd CCIE in 2006, something had changed! Many people started asking me


“Why you got 2nd CCIE?”


I already had an experience of Security, MPLS, and SAN, so I jumped into other tracks.

3rd CCIE is Security in 2007, 4th is Service Provider in 2007, and 5th is Storage in 2008.


The more I get CCIE the more people expect me to have more!! What a pressure! But after CCIE Storage, there was no more CCIE in 2008, so I quit studying for technology and I was working for more management oriented job.   


However, during 6 years, people had kept saying to me


“Why you don’t go for more CCIEs? I would like you to do!!”


It was the situation like The Rolling Stones didn’t play “(I Can’t get no) Satisfaction” on the stage!


On Feb 2016, my friend who had 4xCCIE passed CCDE as the first Japanese CCDE! That made me so surprised! Because CCDE is the exam many Cisco Japan employee gave up even if they have multiple CCIEs!


Then I rethink that I should go for it one more time! For the tracks I don’t have! Then I started again. Got CCIE Wireless 2014, CCIE Datacenter 2015, CCIE Collaboration in 2015, and CCDE in 2016.


I became the world’s first 8xCCIE+CCDE holder even if I’m a Japanese! That is the thing I’ve never even imagined at all!! I could make new world record in this industry!


I know this is just a vendor certification and does not prove that I’m a truly great engineer on the real field at all, but it was great honor to have the record like this.


On July 2016, it worked! During I was attending CiscoLive 2016 in Las Vegas, I could meet so many people! I didn’t count correctly but I think I took many pictures with more than 200 people or more!


Networking industry in Japan


In my country, networking business is changing these days. Selling hardware business model has a difficulty to grow more. Shifting to selling the network functionality as a service model.


In Japan, business is too centralized in Tokyo, so if you would like to do business in Japan, means do business in Tokyo. Also, Olympic 2020 in Tokyo is coming and many good infrastructure services are high demand now! So from my perspective, networking industry in Japan has a challenging period right now, if anyone would like to join Japan market in this industry, I’d like to help!



No matter how you look at my friend Yoshi you will always find him impressive.  Humble, and impressive quite a feat for such a Herculean member of the CCIE community!

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