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Frequently Asked Questions


Since the beginning of the CCIE program there have been over 50,000 people around the world who have earned their CCIE numbers. The certification is an expert badge of honor and there are a lot of questions surrounding this highly sought after community of experts. Here are a few of the most asked questions and as close as I could come with answers.

 01  How many active CCIEs are there today?

​There are a lot of CCIEs that have allowed their certification to lapse and there are a bunch that have elected to join the Emeritis program. Cisco Systems stopped publishing this information a few years ago, but as close as I can estimate, there are approximately 40,000 active CCIEs around the world give or take a smidge.




 02  What does a CCIE get paid?

The average salary a CCIE makes is something I have learned over almost 20 years of recruiting them; 1st as a manager for several different companies and then for the past 13 years as the CCIE Agent.  In the USA the average salary is now is $150k base.  All my averages are in US Dollars, since that is my perspective. In Europe we are pretty close to that same US number except for London where it’s about 15% higher.  Canadian’s average $90k base while Mexican CCIEs average about the same. There are a lot of CCIEs in India where salaries have tanked to an average of $40k USD due to dumpers tainting the DNA, Africa is a large territory and the average CCIE salary is $100k base. Australian CCIEs average $150k, Asia averages $110k, yeah, I know that’s a lot of territory. South America has a few technology hot spots averaging $100k base. These numbers are averages and subject to change and I do accept feedback on these numbers.




 03  What CCIE track is in higher demand?

There are currently 7 CCIE tracks and the largest population of these is in the R&S track. Demand centers on what Cisco Systems is pushing at the time of you reading this entry. Remember that the only company in need of a CCIE certification is a Cisco Channel Partner. They get discounts on Cisco products for resale when they achieve Silver or Gold reseller status. To achieve that status they need to have 2 or 4 CCIEs on their staff. To achieve specialty status such as a certified Data Center reseller, they must employ a Data Center CCIE. There are other such specialty reseller areas and for a list look here.  In most demand in the USA are Data Center and Security CCIEs, closely followed by Collaboration IEs. In countries where they rely more on wireless, well there Wireless CCIEs are in big demand.




 04  How do you engage the CCIE Agent team?

If you are a CCIE or future CCIE email me so we can schedule a call;


If you are an employer looking for a CCIE, HP, Juniper, network, or Cloud Professional pick up the phone and call me; 302-438-1681




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