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CCIE number verification is not rocket science if I can do it! Here's how you can do it too.

There is no excuse for folks hiring fake CCIEs, so get this right the first time because it’s like the bridge in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, where like if you get it wrong you are hurled into an abys. So, here it is for all you recruiting professionals.

Here are the basic instructions for candidates who want to help the recruiting professionals out who can’t get passed the http part!

  1. Connect to

  2. Login with Cisco CCO ID. If the candidate doesn’t have one, he/she can get a new one there.

  3. Once logged in, if the candidate has already associated his/her testing IDs, credentials can be published by clicking on the Publish Credentials link at the left hand side.

  4. At the “Publish Credentials” page, the candidate can then select which credentials to publish, whether to include certification/recertification dates or not, and whom to publish to.

  5. The recipient (headhunter/hiring manager) will receive the report and an access key just as you did.

If the candidate has never used the system, they’ll need to go to the “Personal Information” page and associate their testing IDs before a report can be published.

This site includes a lot of useful information for candidates, including progress maps for certifications and downloadable logos for certifications already received.

It’ll be good for verifying non-CCDE/CCIE candidates as it tracks everything, including specializations.

A big Thank you to my good Canadian friend eh, Jody Lemoine is CCIE #41436 and a contributor to the community on many subjects!


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