• Robb Boyd


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Here's a great segment:

What if someone said you could address 99 percent of your most common security issues with a single change? What if they said you could do it in 30 seconds or less?

Too good to be true, right? Well, for our latest episode of TechWiseTV, OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard shows you just how to do it, plus a whole lot more.

Join Dan and TechWiseTV's Robb Boyd as they go from the basics of DNS and AnyConnect to the details of the OpenDNS Umbrella integration and show you how it really can stop most threats before they become serious problems. Plus you can easily protect users whether they are on or off the VPN without needing another agent.

Don't miss this chance to go inside the software and services that work better together to protect all your devices no matter where they are.