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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby!

Certifications that pay for themselves and then some! With advice from Anthony Sequeira CCIE #15626

Ooh, baby Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby Ain't nothing like the real thing No, no, ain't nothing like the real thing, baby Ain't nothing like the real thing

(Ashford and Simpson back when I was but a tot. Yeah right I was like a tater tot!)

What is the real thing to a networking professional? Sing the following lines with me…

Certifications and training and certifications and training and certifications and training, these words could be a made into a song, maybe a Devo thing right!?

There is a pulsing rhythm if you repeat this line a few times you could win a Grammy. But, you’re not looking for a Grammy are you? You are looking for a way to enhance your career with added knowledge that you can build callouses around. Here’s a thought; what is in demand now and what does my crystal ball tell us about your future?

In the past year we have seen growing demand for VMware vSphere experts. This is a skill regarded highly among hiring managers because today cloud technology has cast it’s shadowy influence over all things IT. The cloud is certainly not going to dissipate any time soon, so instead of looking for an umbrella why not embrace it and squeeze and snuggle that silver lining and here’s a suggestion to get a leg up;

VMware vSphere 6 (VCP6-DCV)

August 2015 with Keith Barker

This VMware vSphere video training course with Keith Barker covers VMware’s flagship virtualization platform.

There is a future I can predict around virtualization and the demand for folks who have knowledge to add to an enterprise. The prediction is, if you get the training and skills I can get you an exciting job. Here are a few words from one of my longtime friends in the industry, Anthony Sequeira CCIE and trainer at CBT Nuggets and what he feels virtualization skills will do for your career:

“Thanks Eman! Virtualization is scorching hot and just can’t seem to cool down. For example, Microsoft is all excited about their upcoming Windows Server 2016 platform…and what is really exciting about it?…you guessed it…all of the virtualization enhancements they are making. (For those interested in my thoughts on this specifically, check out:

While there are many jumping into this arena headlong – Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat…it is clear who still leads the pack – VMware. If you are interested in mastering vSphere 6, I beg of you to try Keith’s course from Nugget Number 1 forward. What is so unique about it? Well many things. The videos are fun, short, and Keith will make sure he provides everything you need to follow right along with him in your home office! That’s right – learn by doing! If you have been putting off this valuable skill area, do not hesitate any longer!

Now I know you really need to see this to believe it – so enjoy a free week of membership. I know you will continue your training beyond that, but if not, no worries!

Thanks again Eman for once again helping your followers master the hottest areas in IT today!


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