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CCIE Agent? Say What!?

We are a small team of SWAT like response network recruiting professionals. With the three of us, Frank Doughten, Moustafa Amin, and me, Eman the CCIE Agent recruiting networking professionals for our clients. With my longtime friend and SP CCIE for over 12 years, Moose (Mr. Amin), we take vetting candidates to a heightened discipline unlike your typical agency.

CCIE Agent because it is the gold standard in network certifications and those who have achieved this level deserve to be represented not recruited. These folks are typically the bedrock of most other Cisco competitors' brain trust, proving that a CCIE has the knowledge to apply to any network solutions manufacturer products.

We have helped resellers around the globe locate that certification holders to complete their channel reseller certifications from HP, Palo Alto, Juniper, VMware, Cisco (of course) and more.

If you need people; technology sales, cyber security, collaboration, virtualization, cloud, data center, artificial intelligence and automation, architecture, design, implementation and support, we provide them all.

High School to Enterprise

There is a lot of talk about careers at the high school level, this adding pressure to choose a college to procure a sheepskin. These same scholarly folks then advise everyone does not need to go to university. Wearing the wrong shoes to dispense advise me thinks.  Posts in the social media include memes about teaching this and teaching that because the world needs more plumbers, auto mechanics, construction workers, and, well, all seem focused on manual labor jobs, some even seeming condescending, but I do not think enough is said about IT certifications as a means to a lifelong career. Because I know so many network certified folk I do gravitate in that direction. Imagine just like several NBA players they skip college and go to work in the enterprise instead. That level of example is relevant to an industry that hosts many superstars in their midst. A superhuman network awaits them, and like an auto mechanic dreams of a job on a team in NASCAR or Formula 1, a youngster could hunker down in this community and achieve recognition at a very fulfilling level.

Advise to those dispensing advice, step out of the box. Advise to HS students, look for a Cisco Network Academy near you or look at certification training offerings from Cisco, Juniper, AWS, IBM, Palo Alto, HPE, Google, VMware, and where your imagination will take you. Happy to share find me on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter CCIE Agent.

Networking is a religion! Religion?

The network certification cult is fully the most interesting phenomenon I have observed in IT. I started following that caravan what seems like decades ago, but it’s only been half my career. The surge continues in the CCIE ranks, but so to does the retirement of many numbers. I never expected to see the day when certifications created an industry onto itself. The same formula adopted by Cisco is now widespread in networking.

Certifications do not a career make.

I like to believe that we are driven by something within that pushes us to a career. Unlike the work for food culture that sprang up after returning soldiers found themselves back home again, the network “work-is-life” cult seems all encompassing. The fact is our children have watched us grow strong at our craft left with the impression that it’s never ending and they want to opt out of such 24/7 responsibilities and enjoy life working for food and punching the clock to be done by 5 o’clock.

The pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance” is a definition of religion.

Religion? Networking is a religion!

To remain on top, you must hone your craft in most fields of endeavor, but not all land you on a soapbox sans holy water and incense. Oracles and sages waving their grey matter at cult gatherings call the faithful to their pews where knowledge and wisdom are consumed. We all know that at geek gatherings of the tribes there are those among us who fly their flags higher; taking the rudder and steer us through logic and circumstance, but not all of us are born to be elders, well some are not old enough to be called that, maybe deacon or minister would be a better term; preachers, yeah, that’s the ticket.


I know many preachers in our networking religion. I also know that these deacons have a life off the soapboxes. Work/Life balance is difficult for those who have sequestered themselves for months at a time in pursuit of certifications; achieved; welcome to machine moment; wall adorned with plaque; emptiness where once the lion of passion devoured everything; the need to share ambles along and suddenly, re-ignition. At this point many do jump back into the trenches and pursue certifications anew.

Whether preacher or congregation we all need gigs.

Cisco, Palo Alto, IBM, Forescout, Juniper, HP, AWS, Huawei, Google, Arista, Riverbed, VMware, Alcatel, Netscout, Aruba, Dell, Microsoft, Polycom, Avaya, Check Point, Brocade, Fortinet, SAP, Oracle, and many more.

If you are a re-seller in need of these folks to pass your re-seller audit; preacher or congregant, give the CCIE Agent a call. Because after all, these folks are your answer!

If you are a preacher or congregant I got you a future as well! where the preachers and congregants find church!

(Disclaimer; no sins were committed in the writing of this missive!)

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ISE Deployment Staging and Planning - BRKSEC-2430

Katherine McNamara, ISE Queen, Cisco Systems, Inc.

This session focuses on the preparation of an environment and the design considerations a customer should think about to ensure a successful ISE deployment. Like any technology, the best configurations and products in the world will not be deployment successfully if the proper planning isnt done first and its not designed properly. We will examine how to avoid some of the common pitfalls while preparing for an ISE deployment to ensure the success of the solution. The session will also include common design pitfalls to avoid when planning out how ISE will be deployment using real world examples and how to lower the administrative overhead of an ISE deployment. At the end of the session, attendees can expect to have a better understanding of how to prepare their environment and their staff for an ISE deployment. This session is targeted at Network and Security Engineers, who are tasked in deploying ISE successfully.

DevNet Specialization Program

Available Mid 2020

The DevNet Specialization is Cisco's newest business specialization, which will validate and recognize partners who demonstrate software development capabilities in automation, security, and application deployment on Cisco platforms.

  • Requires DevNet Certified individuals

  • Multiple levels - Specialized and Advanced

  • Third-party audit for Advanced Specialization

  • pen to all Cisco registered partners


Mother and Daughter CCIEs?

All your questions answered by our experts.

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