The CCIE Flyer for March 2014
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Jimmy Ray Purser

I always thought of myself as the hardest working man in America, sort of the James Brown of recruiting you know. Then I discovered Jimmy Ray Purser. As the co-host for TechWiseTV he does a fair job making folks aware of some of the goodies and knowledge from Cisco Systems. I was even made aware of an article from Brad Reese about Jimmy, “Cisco engineer Jimmy Ray Purser sells $450 million in Cisco gear” In his own words he is not taking credit for those numbers. But when it comes to down home wit and connecting with an audience, his connection is like a spark from a 9 volt battery that finds it self pulsing the arching blade of a light saber. Jimmy has a nice gig actually, as one of my many Facebook friends I get to see his posts from here and there. I am delighted to add Mr. Purser to the face of the CCIE Flyer.


In the past I have, with all due respect, referred jokingly to CCIEs as geeks. And when referring to a collection of you I have also, with all due respect, called you a gaggle of geeks. This very unbecoming reference to a gathering of you must be resolved in my opinion, and I intend to support a more respectable option for you to use.

Terry Slattery

Will SDN Replace Network Change and Configuration Management?
I've been thinking about the types of network abstractions that SDN might enable ever since I saw Scott Shenker's Gentle Introduction to SDN. In that presentation Scott said that we need new abstractions in networking, which made a lot of sense to me. I was able to experience first-hand the power of good abstractions when virtual memory first became popular.

Ethan Banks

The Ethernet Switching Landscape Part 02 – Finding meaning in latency measurements.
One often quoted statistic in Ethernet switch specifications is latency. Latency figures are usually cited in microseconds or nanoseconds. With ever decreasing latency numbers as new switch platforms emerge, what is a networker to make of latency? Is latency a key measurement to focus on when evaluating Ethernet switches? The answer to that question comes in two parts. First, there needs to be a good understanding of what latency is. Second, there needs to be a business use-case where latency matters. For many consumers, once you understand what Ethernet switch latency is, you might decide it’s not a big factor in your buying decision.

The Career Diva

Fifty Shades of Grind: Books book clubs shouldn’t overlook

I was recently asked by the Department of Labor to be part of of the agency’s project to develop a list of “Books that Shaped Work in America,” done in partnership with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.
I provided my book choices, which I include below and you can see on the Labor Department’s website here, but it got me thinking about the books we tend to read and the ones we overlook.

Kweku G Folson

Musings from Ghana

Hi Eman, I'm sitting behind my PC doing some practice labs for the CCIE R/S and happened to browse through your website to read some articles. Anyway i'm from Ghana, in West Africa. We have only two CCIE's in Ghana, but yet there are more than a few who want to aspire to become CCIE's. Was on phone this morning with two friends who attempted the lab just a week ago in Lagos, Nigeria on the mobile lab and both failed. It's really tough for those of us in these parts mainly because of the cost of training and taking the lab exam. Our currency keeps depreciating against the US Dollar and that doesn't help either.

CCIE Agent CCIE Jobs

Free Test Prep Workbooks

by Narbik Kocharians
Site-to-Site VPN
by Narbik Kocharians and Piotr Matusiak

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Ethereal Mind

Understanding SDN: Connectivity Is Commodity, Services Are Valuable
For the last two decades, the focus has been on connectivity: servers to switches, switches to switches, LANs to WANs – repeat for all network types.
Ten years ago, connectivity was hard and required expert knowledge at Layer 1/2/3 to get it done reliably. Over time we have seen technology simplification, new standards, quality manufacturing and widely known best practices with the result that connectivity is simple and ultimately of limited value to customers.

I, Cringely

Nadella’s success at Microsoft probably depends on Gates
Microsoft has a new CEO in former cloud and server chief Satya Nadella and readers have been asking me what this means? Certainly Nadella was the least bad of the internal candidates but an external selection would have been better. Whether it works out well or not probably comes down to Bill Gates, who leaves his job as chairman to become Nadella’s top technical advisor.

Packet Pushers

Show 181 – Intro to I2RS With Joel Halpern & Russ White
Traditionally, routing protocols running on a router will perform calculations to determine the best forwarding path. The RIB with be then populated with next-hop information. Ultimately, that information will be populated into the FIB (forwarding information base), the FIB taking the guesswork of how to get to the next hop and easing CPU utilization on routers in the case of recursive lookups.

Rogers CCIE Blog

Multicast for CCIE – Lesson #1 – Static RP
One of the technologies that I never really mastered was Multicast. I knew the basics but didn't really know how to troubleshoot it. This is one of the holes in my knowledge that contributed to my last failure of the CCIE Lab Exam. So in order for that to not happen again I have decided to do a real deep dive into Multicast for CCIE candidates. I am going to be starting with the basics and building on the knowledge ensuring that I cover every detail of the technology. Now Multicast is not really that difficult to configure, there are only a handful of commands. The problem most people suffer with is that they don't know how to properly troubleshoot it and when it doesn't work, they have nowhere to go.

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