The CCIE Flyer for August 2014
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How was CCIE version 4?

There are some superstars in the CCIE training world and then there is Narbik. I guess when he found his calling it was pretty loud because he is still listening to the voice in his head. While visiting with him and his 10-day class in New Jersey we had a chance to chat. I am happy that we had this time to catch up on family and his busy schedule.


Many raft this river aimlessly from point to point happy to Huck Finn their career lazing along, growing only as required... Innovation has not died, when you look at Conchita you know Stuart Biggs CCIE #1025 can rest more easily in his grave. The torch has been passed.

Out On A Limb

If you have read my post on Brad Reese’s blog you will notice I went out on a limb about jobs for CCIEs being scarce and my thoughts on them getting scarcer soon. I based that prediction upon simple conversations with CCIEs who are having a rough time locating alternative employers in the RTP area. Some jumped to conclusions that I was singling out Cisco, while these CCIEs I mention do work for Cisco, my thoughts are that the region is short on CCIE jobs and not soon to get any better.

Terry Slattery

Monitoring an SDN, Part 3 (Management System Architecture)
The third in the series on SDN monitoring (Monitoring a Software Defined Network, Part 3) talks about the management system architecture. What factors drive the placement of monitoring system components? What drives the overall architecture? Are there any really important factors that determine how an SDN monitoring system should be designed?

The Career Diva

"Do What You Love" Myth
There’s little doubt that “do what you love” (DWYL) is now the unofficial work mantra for our time. The problem with DWYL, however, is that it leads not to salvation but to the devaluation of actual work—and more importantly, the dehumanization of the vast majority of laborers.

Soraya Nascimento

Which Cisco/IT certification should I study for?
"Which Cisco/IT certification should I study for?" That is the question I have most heard on the last months... Several friends from Linkedin, Facebook and people who I have known from courses or who I have worked with ask me that...
They want to know what is the best one to invest their money, time and hard studies...

Tim Cribbs

The story of my journey to CCIE
It all began in 2011 - right after I passed TSHOOT and earned CCNP. After discussing it with my wife and getting her buy-in, I decided to commit to earning CCIE R&S. Like many others, I started my journey taking a CCIE Written course. Dan Aguilera at GlobalNet got me on the right track early in 2012 with a passing score and a plug for Narbik to take lab training. My recommendation for taking the written, however, is to wait to take your written until you are ready to take the lab. Doing this doesn’t put you on an 18-month countdown. The last thing you want is to feel pressured to take the lab simply because your written is about to expire.

CCIE Agent CCIE Jobs

Free Test Prep Workbooks

by Narbik Kocharians
Site-to-Site VPN
by Narbik Kocharians and Piotr Matusiak

Data Link Solutions

Data Link Solutions understands that the IT Certification journey is a long process. Our Training Advisors and Instructors will stand with you, by your side, during the entire process of your journey, regardless of how long it takes you!

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Ethereal Mind

Blame the System For Resisting Change – Not The People
I often hear vendors and pundits proclaim that Enterprise is resisting change. In particular, they say that individuals in Enterprises can’t see the change or won’t discuss buying new technology.

I, Cringely

The Fed suckered IBM into a failing cloud strategy?
Economist David Stockman, who is probably best known for being President Reagan’s budget director back in the era of voodoo economics, has been particularly outspoken about IBM as a poster child for bad policy on the part of the U.S. Federal Reserve. How this would be isn’t immediately obvious but I think is worth exploring because IBM is far from the only company so afflicted. There’s an important effect here to be understood about corporate motivations and their consequences.

Packet Pushers

Show 201 – Internet Dies at 512K, Long Live the Internet
The Internet has Died at 512K routes. Ethan & Greg discuss some news and events of the last few weeks and nod nerdishly while noodling about nothing. Yeah, it’s a nerd chat show this week.

Rogers CCIE Blog

How to build CCIE V5 Lab – with CSR 1000V
How to build CCIE V5 Lab using ESXi and CSR 1000v The basis of this topology is centered around the INE Hardware build which is detailed here - INE CCIE V5 Hardware Topology This post will detail how to build ccie v5 lab using Vmware and CSR 1000v routers and the issues I faced which should hopefully help you make this build a lot easier.

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