The CCIE Flyer for May 2014
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Eman Speaks Out

Cisco CCIE salaries in India have plunged -50%
The fact is Dumping and Dumpers are bottom feeders who have ruined an industry and driven the salaries for CCIEs into the scum they exist upon. The days when the "E" in CCIE meant expert are gone according to the lot who bemoan the depreciating value of the certification. The loudest of these critical thinkers seem to be from Cisco's emerging markets which according to Cisco CEO John Chambers, are quite challenged.

Dadgum, it’s Jimmy again!

When Jimmy was young I am certain he was dropped on his head. He seems to have developed a super power because of the dent made to his cranium. He was left with the power to shrink things. Really awful big stuff like Border Gateway Protocol, Extensible Authentication Protocol, Fiber Channel Protocol, Hot Standby Router Protocol, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol, Open Shortest Path First, and I mean really big things like these become simply acronyms. Like a Thermos knows when to keep something hot or cold, I am left asking, how does it know? Or in this case, how does he know! Maybe when he was dropped on his head things just started to click for him. Super Jimmy has learned how to explain things really big, until they seem really small and make the little bitty letters they are reduced to in acronym form make sense. Like palm slapping forehead; duh.

Terry Slattery

Monitoring an SDN, Part 2 (Monitoring the Controller)
Monitoring an SDN is going to be an interesting proposition. I wrote about the first part of monitoring and management in Monitoring a Software Defined Network, Part 1. I talk about monitoring stuff that happens on the network (i.e. switch or data plane) side of an SDN. Many of the low-level errors that we monitor today in traditional networks are also important in an SDN.

Ethan Banks

Fluke Networks: More Than Handheld Meters
Until quite recently, Fluke Networks has meant one thing to me: beautiful, handheld network analysis tools used by network engineers to troubleshoot Ethernet LANs. I’ve used various Fluke meters off and on throughout my networking career. Reassuringly expensive and eminently capable, a Fluke meter in my toolkit was a crown jewel. Given a good reason – or even a mediocre excuse – I was happy to head into the data center, plug the Fluke in, and start diagnosing issues.

The Career Diva

NY Times Editor Flap Exposes Women & Pay Conundrum
The New York Times, one of the biggest newspapers in the world, is embroiled in a scandal involving its recently fired executive editor, Jill Abramson, who may have, or may have not, been paid less than her male predecessor.

Jeremy Filliben

The Value of the Cisco Certified Design Expert program for Cisco Channel Partners
Imagine yourself as a hiring manager at a Cisco Partner in the pre-CCDE days of 2007, trying to fill a senior network architect/design role. How do you differentiate between the multitude of CCIE resumes that hit your desk as soon as you posted the position on HotJobs (hey, it's 2007, remember)? You could look for 'design' as a keyword, but whose resume isn't going to claim that they 'designed' a (five-node) frame-relay network, or a (100-seat) campus network? Hey, how about sorting by CCIE numbers? The lowest numbered CCIEs are always the best, right? CCIE 2xxx is still in the field, so he must be a designer by now. Or is it that his head is still filled with IPX and Appletalk concepts, and all of his campus design knowledge is wrapped up in ATM LANE? We could have had our last network architect do a phone interview with him, but she just left, which is why we are hiring in the first place! Maybe take the candidate with the most CCIE credentials? That at least proves she can implement a few technologies, but can she pull those technologies together into a coherent end-to-end solutions?

Soraya Nascimento

My story!
I am Soraya, 36 years old, Brazilian, but living in Montevideo, Uruguay. This is my first time writing for this site. I have some experience on the networking field. Almost 8 years, actually. But I can still say I am a baby network engineer... Just starting and with a lot to learn.

Tim Cribbs

The story of my journey to CCIE
It all began in 2011 - right after I passed TSHOOT and earned CCNP. After discussing it with my wife and getting her buy-in, I decided to commit to earning CCIE R&S. Like many others, I started my journey taking a CCIE Written course. Dan Aguilera at GlobalNet got me on the right track early in 2012 with a passing score and a plug for Narbik to take lab training. My recommendation for taking the written, however, is to wait to take your written until you are ready to take the lab. Doing this doesn’t put you on an 18-month countdown. The last thing you want is to feel pressured to take the lab simply because your written is about to expire.

CCIE Agent CCIE Jobs

Free Test Prep Workbooks

by Narbik Kocharians
Site-to-Site VPN
by Narbik Kocharians and Piotr Matusiak

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Ethereal Mind

Response: NFV: Will vRouters ever replace hardware routers?
I’m not the only person pointing out the software routers are reaching unprecedented performance levels.

I, Cringely

Did the NSA help kill UWB?
Revisionist history is looking back at past events in light of more recent information. What really happened? And no recent source of information has been more important when it comes to revising the history of digital communications than former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden. Today I’m really curious about the impact of the NSA on the troubled history of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication.

Packet Pushers

Show 189 – Connecting VMware to the Network
I managed to get Chris Wahl to sit down for a while and talk about where VMware ESX and networking connect. In this podcast we talk through the nature of the “VMware vSwitch” and how it’s advanced patch panel capabilities can be integrated with the physical network.

Rogers CCIE Blog

PPPOE Speed Challenge
I have been trying to configure things faster and faster as a bit of personal challenge to myself recently. It is only when the clock is on you that you start to panic. So I have a little challenge. Configure PPPOE between two routers in under 60 seconds.

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