CCIE Number Association Scramble by Eman
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CCIE Number Association Scramble

Throughout the course of my day, I get asked a few times about CCIE number associations. Some are simple others are more complicated, but only from the stand point of the CCIE. It’s really simple. You own your number but you associate it with a company to enhance their VAR status with Cisco. Any other company except for Cisco does not need your number. But when you have moved about a bit it might become more of an issue. You need to become familiar with the tool provided by Cisco to manage your number and other professional and certification details. But first to the question at hand;

CCIE Number Question
Hi Eman,

Hope you are well, firstly complements of the Season to you guys – I have a quick question and from all the post etc. I have read that you published I believe you to be one of the most informed and clued up individuals in the industry when it comes to the CCIE Program

My Story:
I left my previous employer (a Cisco Gold Partner) 7 months ago – for a position at another Cisco Gold Partner that seemed more promising in terms of Career prospects – however I was asked to rejoin my previous employer again

Now this might seem very normal but my question is – who does my CCIE Number belong to? As far as im aware the loosing gold partner is allowed to keep your number for 12 months after resignation – so does this mean that my number still belongs to my Previous Employer or does the current employer have the right to now keep my number for 12 months?

Either way it will not affect my decision or the outcome of the offer received however it would be very interesting to know?

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you
Anan E. Mouse

It seems that Anan (not the real name) has been busy. While many people are looking for a job today he/she has managed to land in that vortex of open doors. This CCIE has left out one very important detail. What actions did he/she take? Did this CCIE move his/her number from company A to company B when they left company A? Did they simply vacate the premise and run for the door driven by the sound of the cash register? I would like to think that Mr/Ms Mouse was a bit more discreet than that, but I am only a student of human nature not a clairvoyant. While pondering the proper response I received another InMail;

Hi Eman
You are more than welcome to use this anonymously as I believe questions like these are very valid and could potentially have a positive or negative effect on a new opportunity depending how you look at it.

In terms of my Actions – I did associate my Number with the current employer – currently it is assigned to them – and I believe this is where the confusion comes in – should I leave now and I manually assign my number to my previous employer what would the impact be etc? Who legally has “owns” the number if I can call it that

Thank you once again for the help and quick response

Go to Partner Central:
then go to Account --> Profile Manager --> Edit Contact Details --> Edit company
Once there you have a radio button to "Change Company"

Who owns your number? You do, don’t be fooled, maintain control of your number at all times. Follow this simple advice. Take your number with you. If you leave a channel partner then disassociate your number from them. If you are joining a Cisco channel partner and they are paying you for being a CCIE and a contributing member of their staff, associate your number with them. Make sure to check every now and then to make sure that you are aware of your number’s status.


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